Tandem FAQ

More about the jump:

After your paperwork has been filled out you will be assigned a instructor for the jump. They will give you a short briefing on what is expected from you during the skydive. You are not just a passenger but a active participant. We will then be assigned a plane.
After the ride up to altitude, you and your tandem master will step out of the plane for approximately 45-60 seconds of freefall. At about 5,000 feet the parachute will be opened and you will have another couple of minutes of canopy ride before touching down.

Is Tandem Skydiving Dangerous?

As with any extreme sport there are always dangers present.  We take every step possible to provide you with the safest experience.  Please be aware that you are a participant in the skydive and not just a passenger.  Your actions during the skydive are crucial to a successful skydive.  You will be given instructions on what to do by your instructor.  The landing is the most important part.  You must be able to lift your legs straight out for landing to avoid injuring yourself and your instructor.  If you have limited mobility in your legs or can’t lift them up for landing you may not be able to participate.

When can we jump?

Thursday, July 21st thru Sunday, July 24th. Jump times vary for each day. Please visit our Pricing page to view the price and select the link on that page for available times.  We may have some available spots on Wed July 20th later in the evening.  Look on the reservation pages or call for availability.

How do I sign up for a tandem?

To guarantee a tandem jump (weather permitting) during the boogie, please reserve your slot here.

I have some medical issues can I still jump?

If you have any reason to believe that you should not make a skydive you should check with your doctor before signing up to make a jump.  You will sign a medical statement before the jump stating that you are healthy enough to jump.  Please for everyone’s safety let us know of medical conditions prior to the jump.  We are not medical professionals so we can’t make that decision for you.

What are your age restrictions?

You must be 19 years old or older. (NO EXCEPTIONS!) Please bring your ID!  This is not waiver-able.  A parent or guardian may not sign the paperwork for you.  If you are found to be under age and you signed up anyway you will forfeit your deposit.

Id like to have my skydive recorded, can I take my camera with me on the jump?

Unfortunately no.  We are a USPA sanctioned parachute center.  Students are not allowed to carry cameras on any skydive. But for a additional charge we will have professional videographers available to record your skydive.  They will be with you before during and after to capture the moments for you.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes.  If you have a group of 5 or more wanting to jump please call Chuck at 402-981-8852  to get a code you can use when registering 402-326-8470.  All 5+ must sign up for the same time frame to be able to use the group discount.

What if I weigh over 220 lbs?

If we have a light enough instructor who is willing to take up a participant more than 220 pounds, we’ll charge an additional $1 per pound over 220 pounds. Absolutely no one over 250 pounds. A scale will be present to weigh in  all participants.  The instructor has final say if the jump can be made or not.  This is for everyone’s safety.  The student must be height weight proportionate to make the jump.  The harness must fit properly for us to make the skydive safely.  We will not force the harness to fit you just to make the skydive.  Its not worth risking injury or death to make a skydive!

What do I wear?

Tennis shoes are recommended. Be cautious of wearing hiking boots – if they have hooks on them they pose a safety issue. Sandals or open toe shoes do not offer enough support. The temperature drops as you climb to altitude. An instructor may provide you with a jumpsuit to cover your clothes and add an extra layer. On cooler days on the ground, it’s recommended you wear jeans and a sweatshirt for warmth. Long hair must be tied up for your own safety. Piercings, beyond the normal ear types, and loose jewelry should be removed as well for your safety.

Is there food or beverages available on-site?

A food & beverage vendor will be at the airport. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited during jump operations.  If you have been drinking alcohol and are scheduled to make a skydive, you will not be allowed to make the jump and your deposit is forfeited.  Please don’t even take a drink to calm you nerves.  If the instructor or any other staff believe you have been drinking you will not be allowed to jump.

What if we get weathered out?

We are at the mercy of the weather. If the clouds are low, it is storming, or if its too windy, we will have to cancel your jump. If you pay (full amount or deposit) without being able to jump we will refund your money on the spot. If you still want to try and make your jump you can wait around for a open spot or return the next day to sign up for the walk-in list.  For up-to-date weather cancellation info, please visit our website, www.skydivelspc.com, and look in the ‘LSPC Updates’ section. We’ll update it as soon as we are forced to stay on the ground. We won’t have a phone on site.

How many tandems jump at one time?

Tandems actually only jump one at a time for safety purposes but we have the ability to take up groups of 3-5 people in the airplane at a time…depending on instructor and videographer availability .  Please understand we can’t guarantee your whole group can be on the same plane.  To keep the event running your group may be split up.  We have to keep to the schedule to assure that everyone is registered gets to make their skydive.

I have other questions that aren’t answered here. Who do I contact to answer my questions? Contact our Tandem Coordinator. Phone # 402-326-8470 The e-mail address is lspc_tandems@yahoo.com (if you choose e-mail, Please use Tandem Inquiries as the Subject Line).