Organizing and Coaching

Every year we bring some of the best coaches and load organizers in the biz. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best.


ChaziChazi Blacksher:

 Chazi is kind of a big deal, if you have not had the pleasure to jump with her yet…  LSPC member, SDAZ LO, over 3,000+ jumps, Loves her hubby of 9 years.  9-to 5′s as a telecom engineer. She is sponsored by Bev Suits , Cookie and Mirage.  She’s happy to be part of SIS, enjoys training 2 way MFS & free-style with Az Dream teams.  Also flying Angle and dynamic with the Movement.  She’s totally stoked for Redemption this year and wants to do some awesome jumps with you!!


Chris Anderson:chris

7+years in the sport, over 1,400 jumps, SDAZ LO and 9-to-5s as a clean room technician,  After rave reviews in 2013 This will be his third year of FS organizing at Redemption this year. Chris trains and competes 4-way FS & is a super sweetheart.  Intermediate scene at USPA Nationals 2012 and recently collected a Gold Chris is super happy to help with horizontal things as well as join forces for hybrids!





PaulPaul Hadzellis:

 Sweet! He’s coming back again this year for a 6-peat! Paul has 9 years in the sport, 1,800 jumps, coach rating and SDAZ LO. He’s into Big-ways (like 200-way FS big). This weekend warrior, 9-to-5s in accounting. He’s competitive in FS and will help your thru your first 8 way like nobody’s business



Wade Baird:

The Movement – Vertical Sequentials Skills Camp

Wade has been skydiving for over 12 years, has 5000+ jumps, SDAZ organizer, and has been coaching and instructing students for 6+ years. Wade has multiple World Records and medals in national and tunnel competitions in VFS and Dynamic flying.




Travis John:

American Wingsuit Academy

Travis is back to redeem himself with first wingsuit jump classes, squirrel training and to set the Nebraska State Wingsuit Record! Travis has been skydiving since 2009 and has accumulated over 2900 skydives with 1900 plus wingsuit jumps. He has been a leading wingsuit coach for Tony Suits for three years and has taught hundreds of students. Travis is also affiliated with Wicked Wingsuits and can help with all your wingsuit rental needs. With Team Wicked Wingsuits, Travis took home a gold metal in Acrobatic and Performance at the 2015 USPA National Championship of Wingsuit Flying. He also has the fastest PPC Speed Challenge at 349.5 km/h.



Sandy Grillet:

9,000+ jumps, founder and 10 year director of the NPLS.  He’s a long time 4 & 8-way FS competitor with multiple medals.  Also competitive in 16 & 20-way sequential and 40-way speed stars, he also has several years as a member of the Kaleidoscope 100 way Sequential Dives under his belt.  The resume continues with Arizona 300-Way World Record, Arizona Challenge, Multiple State Records and Mission Impossible Dives.  He’s a very experienced FS L.O., presents Load Organizing Seminars, co-organized the Ted Strong Memorial Jump 2012 in Deland, FL.   H was the Manager for the US FS Parachute Team at the World Championships in Dubai, 2012. He participanted in the UAE 41st Birthday Celebration Dive at Skydive the Palm, Dubai.  He is also a canopy flight coach, and a pretend skydiving coach for FS Tunnel Camps – Skyventure Colorado.  His sponsors:  UPT Vector, Performance Designs, Vigil, L&B, Cookie Composites, Firefly Suits, Skyventure Colorado.  He also is well versed and self-titled: Margarita Meister Extraordinaire.  Jesus, he must be older than dirt to have done all these things.  Please don’t break one of his hips, the retirement home is gonna want him back in one piece.


New This Year!!

Mel Werner & Brandon Forke